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IT automation powered by AI 

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Experience the Next Generation of IT Automation

Ayehu is an intelligent IT Automation and Orchestration platform built for the Digital Era. Powered by machine learning algorithms, Ayehu acts as a force multiplier, driving efficiency through a simple and powerful, web 3.0 automation platform for IT and security operations. Ayehu helps enterprises, save time on manual and repetitive tasks, accelerate mean time to resolution, and maintain greater control over IT infrastructure. As an agentless platform, Ayehu is easily deployed, allowing you to rapidly automate tasks and processes, including interoperability across disparate solutions and systems, all in one, unified platform.


Easy to use, no coding required


Highly scalable and flexible to deploy


Powerful interoperability across IT and security solutions.


Machine learning driven decision support

See Ayehu in action

It may be a critical incident, or a daily annoyance tasks that sucks up your time every day.

It may create downtime that impacts a department, the whole company, or your customers.

Whatever your need to handle, it’s not being done with the efficiency your business needs.


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Deployed at major enterprises, supporting thousands of business processes, Ayehu effortlessly scales to support organizations with a significantly high volume of incidents, workflows and activities. Ayehu can be deployed across on-premises and private and public cloud platforms.


Leveraging proprietary, sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Ayehu provides decision support via suggestions to optimize your workflows and dynamically create rule-based recommendations, insights and correlations.


Extends and unifies comprehensive workflow automation across disparate systems and applications, through out-of-the-box integration packs with IT and security solutions and services, including ServiceNow, McAfee ESM, SolarWinds, Splunk and more.

Key Features and Benefits

Get work done while you sleep with the Workflow Scheduler, allowing you to execute non-critical tasks outside business hours

Rollback changes to workflows, with version control, allowing you, to review, compare and revert to previous versions if necessary

View the Audit Trail, displaying the logged details of each workflow executed (time, activity, status, result, etc.)

Associate workflows with keywords through tags to quickly search and return commonly used workflows

Receive alerts for selected events to enable remote control of incidents

Easily set workflow permissions, ensuring proper access levels for team members

How Ayehu Helps You


Be agile. Put manual, repetitive tasks on auto-pilot.

Ayehu helps organizations deliver superior SLA performance by automating manual, repetitive tasks and orchestrating workflows between critical IT systems in one, unified IT automation platform. As a web-based platform, Ayehu seamlessly integrates with nearly all leading ITSM solutions and network monitoring systems.


Improve security incident response times, reduce risk.

Ayehu helps organizations automate the ever-expanding complexity of cybersecurity operations and incident response. With Ayehu’s automation and orchestration platform, organizations improve incident response time and overall SOC effectiveness by automating incident response playbooks.


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If you’re like most MSPs, you know all-too-well the pressure of finding new ways to do more with less, keep up with SLAs and reduce costs. You need a solution to unify disparate systems, while lowering
operating costs and increasing revenues. Ayehu provides a comprehensive, unified platform from which to centrally manage, automate, and support your service delivery.

Ayehu Integrations and Connectors

If you are running Ayehu IT Process Automation, you can easily add integrations and connectors to extend standard activities. These add capabilities to Ayehu that help you automate more comprehensive workflows.

Top Ten IT Automation Processes

The top IT tasks that our customers automate.

Automate Service Restart

Ayehu lets you to shut down, stop and restart Windows, Linux application and services automatically and remotely using email or text messages.

Automate SQL Query

Ayehu lets you automate SQL query to retrieve data and send results via email using HTML or excel files to share retrieved data to multiple recipients.

Active Directory Password Reset

Ayehu lets you eliminate the overhead associated to Active Directory password reset by automating the process and freeing up Help Desk team to do more urgent tasks.

File Monitoring and Automation

With Ayehu you can quickly automate all your file-related tasks in minutes and without writing a line of code. Monitor files, logs and directories for modifications, file size or date modified. Perform any set of actions such as archive/copying files, compress, parse specific text in a file and many other actions.

Active Directory Unlock Account

Ayehu lets you unlock Active Directory accounts remotely by email, SMS, phone call or through its self-service portal.

Event Log Monitoring

Ayehu IT Process Automation enables to monitor and troubleshoot event logs, syslog, backup logs etc. allows you responding quickly and efficiently to critical issues and outages.

Free up Disk Space on Server

Ayehu lets you free up disk space automatically on multiple servers, storage and devices – running on Windows, Linux or any other operating system. Eliminate the repetitive task of clearing up storage space, and let Ayehu monitor and handle your disk space automatically.

Shutdown Remote Computer

Ayehu IT process automation lets you drastically reduce electricity costs of multiple network-connected workstations and servers. You can automate remote computer shutdown, standby or hibernate modes. The Ayehu automated workflow can be scheduled to run on a regular basis at a specific time of day and enforce energy savings during off-hours.

Automate VMware Snapshots

With the VMware vSphere integration administrators can automate VMware snapshot lets you save the current state of a virtual machine, so you can return to it at any time. With Ayehu IT process automation you can take multiple VMware snapshots of any number of servers – automatically and at any time.

Change Service Account and Password

Ayehu IT process automation lets you change service accounts automatically across multiple hosts. This lets you control and modify accounts and passwords settings of any windows service such as backup systems, application services, print services and more without manual work in minimum time.

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