Partnering for success


Our valued partner network established over a number of years enables us to deliver cutting-edge software solutions and services. The vendors we represent are emerging technology companies with newer more innovative software solutions that are not vapour-ware. The consulting partners and associates we work with are the very best in their field and have a proven track record of delivering excellence, on time and within budget. By engaging our partners we are able to scale to projects of any size.


Technology partners: 

eMite delivering "BI for IT" has emerged as the leader in IT analytics, capacity management and KPI analytics for service desks. Proxima, the UK partner for eMite is working closely with eMite to establish them here in the UK and Europe. 
FastPass provides self-service password management, enabling users to reset forgotten passwords themselves. The problem of forgotten passwords is a growing problem that costs organisations vast amounts in lost productivity. Our customers here in the UK and the US are reaping the benefits of FastPass.
Interlink Software provides an automation platform for IT operations encompassing event management, configuration and business service management. The Interlink Software platform is fully embedded in large organisations with high transaction volumes.
Scalable was first to market with SaaS hardware and software asset management and software usage metering. Understanding real software usage is the key to driving down the costs of IT assets and fine tuning spend on IT.
Stonebranch through their acquisition of OpsWise has emerged as a leading player in the workload automation market. Developed in the 21st century OpsWise Automation Center raised the bar with its web-browser based GUI and cloud-ready automation. 
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Cronus Cyber is the provider of the 1st machine-based penetration testing software solution, called Cybot Pro. Cybot performs continuous scans all year round, valid for both vulnerability management and penetration testing to stay on top of your network's security. By correlating vulnerabilities with business risks and infrastructure, CyBot reduces over 95% of remediation work.

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Cleafy is an adaptive threat detection and protection solution that identifies unknown cyber threats. It protects web and mobile applications against advanced, targeted attacks from compromised endpoints. Developed in collaboration with the University of Milan, Cleafy is protecting millions of banking and retail organisations from cyber attacks.

logo interchip Interchip AG developed the only solution in the market that provides Real Time Defrag of IBM mainframe DASD. Running 24/7 it optimises z/OS and DB2 datasets in real-time without impacting system performance.  


Consulting partners:

Extra Technology is established in the UK as the leading workload automation solutions provider. Together we deliver worload automation solutions including software upgrades, conversions/migrations and implementation and customisation of new workload automation products.

Proxima has been providing Dell with consulting expertise for a number of IT transformation projects in Europe. Dell engagements use their AS-IS TO-BE methodology to help large organisations make sense of their IT systems, improve process and save money.

Working jointly with Tactica, our consultants have helped drive business change through many IT transformation projects. 



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