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eMite: Correlated Cloud Reporting and Analytics to Streamline IT

By Yeshwanth H.V. 
Article taken from CIO Review Magazine July 2014 
Darren-Geros-emite-CIO-review-company-of-the-monthBeing an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in Business Development and Management, IT Management, professional services and eCommerce, Darren Geros along with co-founders Matthew Foster and Stuart Geros were quick to identify the value that organizations can gain through the use of business intelligence and analytics for IT Operational data and metrics. By correlating all of the existing operational silos into a single data warehouse and then applying out-of-the-box analytics over the correlated data, eMite was formed as the first company to truly deliver BI for IT. The requirement and the value has well and truly been validated with five of the ten banks in the World using eMite as their self-service dashboard and reporting tool for IT Operational Reporting and Analytics. Gartner has also identified and validated eMite as one of the leading products in the market for Business Value Dashboards for senior management and executives in their latest market research findings, “Critical Capabilities for Infrastructure and Operations Business Value Dashboard Tools-1st April 2014.”
Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, eMite specializes in providing a self-service dashboard solution for Big Data analytics, BI, capacity planning, predictive analytics, service desk reporting, ITIL reporting, SLA & KPI reporting and performance management solutions. “The main focus and value eMite delivers to customers varies based on their maturity and business objectives, but there seems to be a common theme amongst them,” says Darren. “Senior management finally understands the need and value of having all their IT data in one place, something eMite has been recommending and delivering for over ten years,” he explained.
“Many organizations are still struggling to integrate metrics, tickets, relationships and transactions across disparate solutions to meet the reporting needs of both business and IT,” states Darren. Addressing this is eMite’s Service Intelligence Platform—a solution that combines analytics, correlation, capacity, performance, availability, and SLA & KPI management into a single, out of the box solution. “It is one product that procures multiple capabilities,” claims Darren. The product offers a self service IT operational dashboard that matches everything to the business services. The platform automates all of the manual reporting and provides clients with really quick root cause analysis for identifying the source of any problem. “Without the pain of costly systems integration, clients can use eMite’s Service Intelligence Platform to consolidate existing IT services and systems into a single, flexible dashboard and report system,” notes Darren. These dashboards and report systems show  what has happened, what is happening and what will happen across the IT estate, from both a business and IT perspective. “The instant a service shows any sign of a slowdown (for example, from an external service attack or internal hardware failure), eMite automatically sends configurable SMS or email alerts to the designated IT staff. Using the dashboard’s drill down capability, the relevant team can immediately identify the root cause of the issue and rapidly rectify the situation,” explains Darren. The product also provides an understanding of client’s current IT service and systems performance, and presents the information in a way that makes sense to their customers, so that they can fine-tune the systems and services over time. It also enables organizations to share that information to the executives, thus closing the gap between IT and the business.
"Finally organizations are realizing the value in correlating their IT Operational Metrics ITSM ticket data and business data in a single selfservice dashboard and reporting tool for both business and IT"
eMite’s Service Intelligence Platform leverages a unique, self-generating approach to OLAP cube technology. “This can bring significant benefits in terms of faster report generation, as well as much enhanced flexibility when compared with traditional warehouse integrations,” notes Darren.
With unique onboarding architecture and out of the box adaptors, eMite reduces the time of development and deployment by manifolds. eMite’s onboarding architecture provides realtime integration of multiple formats of unstructured data into a structured information. “Using the eMite adaptors, clients can correlate data from all of their existing monitoring tools, log files, databases, API’s and web services, into one database for doing BSM, capacity management, trending, predicting, performance management and availability management, thus integrating all data silos,” asserts Darren.
Using advanced analytical engine, the eMite Risk Band Technology automatically identifies the metrics that are outside of their normal behavior for that hour of the day and that day of the week. With Millions of metrics to monitor, eMite allows its customers to manage by exceptions, removing the noise and allowing users to focus on the critical metrics that may impact the business. Not only can eMite display this risk band against any selected metric for any given date, but the customers can also raise events based on deviation from normal behavior. “By proactively raising events based on abnormal behavior, eMite’s clients can significantly increase application availability and performance, as well as reducing critical incidents by over 50 percent,” says Darren.
eMite’s unique analytical solutions, plus its ability to plug into various data sources and quickly identify the issues that can cause major events within the organization, are the key factors that sets the company apart from the rest. The company’s growing Government clients base are largely from various business areas such as transport, education, revenue, and taxation. For instance, a renowned Global IT Outsourcing organization, one of eMite’s clients, conducted an evaluation for about two years on all the different technologies that were available in the market. In spite of having a vast array or different IT monitoring and management tools, they were struggling to find a single solution that could not only be used internally for reporting and capacity management but also a multi-tenant dashboard that they could use for customer reporting and KPI’s, and this is where eMite came into picture. eMite mapped all the key metrics from the different tools to the ITSM CMDB relationships and delivered a single solution across all of their clients. eMite not only automated all of the manual reporting it also delivered the reports and KPI’s in near real-time, it helped reduced down time, significantly reduced minor and major incidents.
“From the very outset our aim was to aggregate from any data source, provide multiple service models for both business and IT and to deliver this with a presentation layer that is truly end user driven. Our focus has always been in correlation and analytics, aggregating monitoring data, service management data, performance and availability data, as well as business metrics into the eMite Analytics Cube, service model and dashboard,” says Darren. Moving forward the company plans to continue to invest heavily in R&D, utilising the latest technologies to deliver even better solutions that provide value to the expanding customer base. “We see our customers as key contributors to our development roadmap, we take on board their vision and develop it into our platform and make it available to the world,” he concludes.



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