Fastpass mobile phone app

FastPass are please to announce the latest release of Password Manager version which provides new authentication options enabling the user to choose their preferred method from SMS pin, challenge/response questions or code cards. Watch video demo:


Major features added to the version are:


  • Added extended TAG support. This enables FastPass to let the end-user decide, if applicable, by what means the user wishes to authenticate. The tag support can be utilized to automatically jump to an authentication type that the current user supports. 
  • Challenge response Questions are now divided into 3 types, which can be mixed:
    • Private Challenges (secret)
    • Semi-Private Challenges(Can be visible in the HelpDesk part of FastPass)
    • User Defined(The user defines both questions and answers) 
  • Code Card authentication. This feature emails a Code Card to the enduser. The Code Card consists of a small card with numbers. The Card is used for authentication, entering specific numbers/co-ordinates on the card. 
  • Email Pin. Like the SMS Pin feature this lets the end-user authenticate by sending a Pin-code to the users email address – often this is used to send an email to the end-users private email address if applicable. 
  • Optimized mobile client for mobile phones. 
  • New iPhone App, controlled from the Administration Client, configured at Enrollment.  
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