Service Desk Analytics


KPI analytics for Service desk 


There are many, many Service Desk solutions available in the marketplace today that provide effective incident, problem and change management. They have lots of "bells and whistles" but fall down when it comes to providing decent analytical reporting. eMite plugs this gap with a comprehensive cloud-based KPI intelligence solution for Service Desks that provides thousands of "out of the box" analytical reports, dashboards and KPI’s with the added flexibility to modify and create many more. The eMite solution is based upon an OLAP cube and encompasses three main but essential functions.

1. Robust Data On-boarding

Continuous import of full Service Desk task data, complete with history. Reconcilliation of on-boarded data with the Service Desk and automated recovery and repair of anomalous data. Additionally, eMite provides “Out of the Box” integrations to 40+ vendor solutions that allow you to correlate metrics from those systems with your Tickets, Incidents and Problems from the Service Desk.

2. Business Correlation

eMite’s “Service Model” maps your business applications and customers to the infrastructure that supports them. Correlate your monitoring data with your Service Desk data. This correlation allows your team to make decisions based on business impact – in near real time.

3. Self Service Reporting

eMite allows users to create their own reports that are meaningful to each individual – all reflecting near real time data, from the Service Desk and your monitoring data.


eMite Service Desk features and benefits include: 

  • Near real-time reports, dashboards and KPI' - updated every 5 minutes
  • Self generated, self maintaining Service Desk multi dimensional cube
  • Automated Service Desk integration
  • Guaranteed data quality and redundancy
  • Auto discovery and reporting across of all Service Desk attributes and tables
  • Multi-tenant KPI reports mapped to the Service Desk user profiles
  • Correlate Service Desk transactions with IT operations monitoring tools
  • Display multiple metrics and metrics types on a single chart
  • Link multiple tables in a single chart
  • eMite runs in the cloud or on-premise
  • No development, or maintenance required


eMite for Service Desks is available for:

  • Servicenow
  • BMC Remedy

  • CA Service Desk
  • HP SM7
  • VM Service Manager (INFRA)
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