Managing your assets?


Asset Vision is a cloud-based, customisable suite of products, built on a unified, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which aggregates IT asset, usage and procurement information, from a variety of sources, to present a coherent view of an organisation's IT investment; including actionable intelligence, supported by industry expertise, to optimise that investment. 

Asset Vision is purpose-built to help you meet the challenges of next-generation IT asset management, including mobile devices, cloud services, virtualisation, clustering, and cost optimisation.


Cut Software License Costs


Optimise software licensing by capturing maximum use rights and accurately identifying downgrade and recycling opportunities.


Optimise IT Hardware Costs


Optimise IT expenditure by identifying opportunities to rationalise, recycle and retire a range of IT assets. 



Increase Cost Transparency


Integrate existing IT asset data with advanced discovery, and intuitive asset tracking for total IT transparency.



Asset Vision Platform Highlights

Import and Integrate

Asset Vision provides a wealth of integration options. These mechanisms are used to import inventory data from other systems; to integrate purchasing data; to integrate with service desks, and many more use cases. Building integrations is incredibly easy. An intuitive Wizard walks you through the various steps to build and test an integration model. Once built, the model can be run on demand, or scheduled according to your business requirements.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is central to the Asset Vision platform. It is impossible to anticipate the reporting and data presentation requirements of organisations with complex IT environments, so Asset Vision was designed to enable IT professionals to craft answers to any questions that may emerge. Asset Vision modules collect and process data from every corner of the IT estate, and this business intelligence capability ensures IT Asset Business Intelligence can be curated to exactly match the unique needs of the organisation.

Normalise & Enrich

At its very core Asset Vision has an integrated, cloud-based and crowd-sourced recognition engine. This facility enables us to effortlessly normalize virtually any meaningful IT asset data point. With almost 100,000 software signatures among the 1,000,000 or so other entries, Asset Vision is rarely unable to correctly identify and categorize the discovered IT asset data. In conjunction with our customers, we generally add over 1000 additional entries each month. In addition to simple recognition and normalization, our catalog has extensive enrichment. Data such as release dates, end of life dates, license metrics, location data, and more all combine to enrich the raw data returned by discovery into meaningful and actionable IT asset intelligence.

Custom Fields

Asset Vision provides for almost unlimited custom fields, either within entirely new objects or extending existing objects. Once defined, customisation survives all platform updates, and can be incorporated into any of the business intelligence functions. If you need to record asset information unique to your organisation, whether manually or automatically, Asset Vision will do the job.

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