Business value dashboards


Bridging the gap between IT and the Business 


At Proxima we have spent years working with our customers and partners to succesfully deliver Business Service Management dashboards that are used by IT staff and also by Business users. A common set of dashboards and a common language  ensures that all staff are aligned and that time and energy are not wasted when issues arise.

Gartner have recently highlighted an area that they call Business Value Dashboards (BVD) and their analysis shows it to be a very hot issue for many organisations.

Interlink and eMite both offer comprehensive and flexible dashboarding as an intrinsic part of their BSM and analytics solutions and help highlight current issues, define business and technical impact and in many cases assist in problem determination and root cause analysis, In addition the dashboards include the context of history and predictions for the future, so that organisations are able to fully diagnose issues, and also begin to proactively plan for business change and avoid future breaches and outages.

After requirements gathering, we use a top down approach which enables rapid definition of business service models (which can also be collated from existing data sources or CMDB/CMS). The service model details the individual components that make up a business service, and also the multiple relationships that can exist between them. 

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