IT Operations - Managing the Unmanageable


Gain complete control of your IT Enterprise


Long gone are the days when a small team of operators managed a few racks of servers and a mainframe, manually interacting with the systems and applications with a bunch of tools and command-line interfaces. In this day and age, applications and services are deployed across virtual operating systems, using virtual storage and virtual networks. Speed of change, 24-hour operations, mission critical systems and applications require immediate action and control to ensure that they support the business effectively. To make life harder still, the vast array of devices, operating systems, applications and services have brought the need for many more management tools, creating towers of technology that are a struggle to manage cohesively.

Alongside our partner Interlink, we have been helping organisations resolve these problems for nearly 20 years. Their customers have been able to gain control of their enterprise and to manage it from a single point of control. As a Manager of Managers, Interlink's Automated Service Intelligence (ASI) is the best there is, and has been developed to help you manage and control every aspect of your enterprise. 




  • Complete visibility of the entire IT / Cloud stack
  • Single point of control for the enterprise - Manager of Managers
  • Integrates with existing tooling
  • Can connect to any datasource, application, component
  • Has agents that can be deployed where required to collect data, events and metrics
  • Correlates events to business services
  • Business Value Dashboards and comprehensive reporting
  • Scalable to meet the demands of any organisation
  • Reduces downtime
  • Replace duplicated or obsolete monitoring and management tools.
  • Rapid problem resolution
  • Reduces human error
  • Powerful and flexible Automation
  • Better communication with the Business


How does it do it?

ASI collects your events, metrics, IT configuration data and business data from any source.

It then analyses, refines and correlates your data to create meaningful information. Events from different systems and applications can be reworded, enriched with additional information and normalised to a Common Event Format (CEF).

The normalised events are then filtered and correlated to applications and business services and displayed, where required, as alerts or in ASI dashboards.

Integration with other ITSM tools allows auto-ticketing, alerting etc. Where appropriate, advanced automation rules can be applied automatically, or by your staff to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Using both historical and real-time data, ASI highlights exceptions and trends, making predictions that enable your IT and business staff to make decisions faster, ensuring higher availability and a better quality of service.


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