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    Innovative software solutions to improve IT and deliver great cost-savings.

  • Proxima BSM

    Business Service management within hours - not months!

  • Proxima CMS

    A single point of truth for managing IT service configuration, Proxima CMS helps you plan and manage change, and be more effective in driving down costs.

  • Proxima Service Intelligence & Analytics

    Real-time analysis and reporting enabling creation of "intelligence solutions" optimized to individualized business models and IT environments.

  • Scalable Survey

    Eliminate desktop software waste and save a bundle!

  • OpsWise Automation Center

    The only workload automation solution built this century

    Power and flexibility to run your workloads anywhere - even in the cloud!

  • FastPass Password Manager

    The complete solution for security and productivity. End-user self-service means improved service and reduced cost & strengthened IT-security.



Proxima Software Solutions provide, implement and develop high quality systems management, security management and automation solutions which enable our customers to simplify and improve their IT whilst generating huge cost savings.

Our solutions are modern, innovative, flexible and deliver strong ROI.