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Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Harmony Purple identifies vulnerabilities that all other solutions miss. 

“60% of breaches would have been prevented by applying the right patch”

What’s Wrong With Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management is costly. It consumes too much time and resources from security and IT operations, and it demands too much maintenance downtime. The tools and processes that were supposed to make vulnerability management easier and more efficient have only gotten more complex, more expensive and more difficult to use. Despite all the effort and expense, security has not improved. Organizations of all types and sizes keep falling victim to data breaches and ransomware. A new approach is needed.

Harmony Purple integrates scanning, network analysis and attack simulation to optimize patch management and risk.

Harmony Purple: A New Approach to Vulnerability Management

Harmony Purple is an all-in-one vulnerability management solution. It unifies scanning, penetration testing, network analysis, risk prioritization and remediation. Harmony Purple is easy to use and automated – and because it is low impact, scans can be run anytime on production systems. Harmony Purple delivers a manageable set of remediation recommendations that deliver better security with less work.

Risk Validation

Harmony Purple is an automated blue team and red team combination to ensure that your cybersecurity controls are the most effective. Harmony Purple layers its patented attack path scenario engine on top of your existing cyber capabilities.

Harmony Purple continuously analyzes your security posture to prioritize the most effective ways to minimize your cyber risks. Harmony Purple provides any size company with next-generation security tools that were previously only available to the largest companies.

Agentless, Low Impact Scanning

Our lean scanning technology allows you to run scans without taking systems offline.

Automated Red Team, Blue Team

Utilizing data science and cyber intelligence, Harmony Purple prioritizes each threat to the organization and translates its content into an actionable security intelligence, control or compensating control.

Attack Path Scenarios

Harmony Purple sees a world where enterprises can efficiently manage current and future cyber risks across the global attack surface. Its cybersecurity risk validation platform reduces your risk by prioritizing the vulnerabilities that matter most.

Harmony Purple is leading the field of risk-based vulnerability management, enabling organizations to measure, prioritize, and continuously prevent cyber risk.

Harmony Purple Resources

Traditional vulnerability management does not work. Too many vulnerabilities to address and the wrong ones get prioritized. Learn how Harmony Purple’s unique all-in-one technology simplifies vulnerability management and reduces your risk of being breached.