Proxima Software Solutions

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Who we are

Proxima Software Solutions is an enterprise technology management company focused on IT systems and service management; encompassing performance and capacity, service & infrastructure management, monitoring, security and configuration management.

At Proxima we help our customers align their IT to fully support business strategy by enhancing current investments in IT and supporting cost-effective delivery of new technology and service initiatives. We leverage best-of-breed software products and our enterprise implementation expertise to deliver real value to the business. 

Through well-established global partnerships we offer a breadth of services and products that operate across a broad range of platforms, environments and applications. With solid technical expertise and sound business acumen, Proxima are able to deliver the most effective IT solutions for your business.

Why Proxima?

We take a pragmatic approach to help our customers define and implement the best solutions for their environment. We enable our customers to take advantage of newer innovative technology to improve efficiency, manage services effectively and reduce costs.

Our extended network of business partners and associates provides us with scalability to tackle any project.  

  • We live, breathe, and eat systems management
  • Over 25 years experience across a wide variety of solutions
  • We know the difference between brochure-ware and reality
  • We are fiercely independent and only work with partners that can deliver
  • Above all, we strive to exceed customer expectations

Our technology solutions help you to:


  • Business and IT Systems
  • IT events
  • IT Assets


  • Workload Automation
  • Password Management


  • Business Value Dashboards
  • Comprehensive Business and IT reporting and alerting


  • SLA & KPI analytics
  • Service Desk


  • IT Capacity 
  • Software License Usage


  • Move from reactive to predictive
  • Reduce cost and increase effectiveness

What we can do for you


We have a portfolio of services and experience across all market verticals from financial, utilities to government and healthcare, and offer customers an opportunity to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT systems and infrastructure.

Our consultancy solutions include:


  • IT Transformation
  • IT Healthchecks
  • Project design
  • Project management
  • Implementation and rollout
  • Configuration and customisation

With solid technical expertise and sound business acumen, Proxima has the scope and reach to deliver the most effective IT solutions for your business.