Does your Workload Automation feel a bit antiquated?


Looking for inventive ways to manage your workloads?


Imagine... a modern automation solution that helps you simply define, manage and visualize your mission-critical IT business processes reliably and securely across complex and diverse IT environments. 


Easily automate, manage and track complex IT processes across the enterprise from a single platform with best in class return on automation. Workload Automation (WLA) and Job Scheduling software orchestrates and automates business processes and tasks from a single point of view


Universal Automation Center

Universal Automation Center will allow you to automate your business processing, securely manage file transfers, or extend a legacy scheduling solution throughout the enterprise using newer technology to achieve a more intelligent, yet simple, automation solution.

Stonebranch provides efficient enterprise-wide workload automation software solutions that solve complex IT business processes in a simple way - from Amazon Web Services, Docker, Openstack, Hadoop, Microsoft Azure to z/OS batch processes on the mainframe. 

Stonebranch Universal Automation Center automates IT processes to achieve:

  1. Single “pane of glass” so your IT team control the status of all scripts, jobs, tasks, workflows running across all servers and VM machines.
  2. Reduce manual IT effort and increase efficiency via automated scheduling and execution of all jobs. No IT engineers manually executing tasks or scheduling activities locally on each VM.
  3. Automatic notifications and alerts (email, ticket, SNMP, SMS) if a workflow condition is not satisfied.
  4. Central repository, auditing and configuration management of all workflow logic, script definitions, job executions.  

WLA Page Graphic


Why Universal Automation Center?

Reduce Costs

  • Ease of use reduces start-up time and overall adoption of solution
  • Not locked into costly upgrades - no CPU or MIPS based pricing
  • Best licensing and commercial terms in the industry

Improve Efficiency

  • Superior visualization and notification enables staff to respond faster to issues
  • Business event-driven enables immediate processing of workload vs. legacy time-based scheduling
  • Solution can be rolled out as self-service offering to business end users, developers, and system administrators


Eliminate Risks

  • Guaranteed, accurate automation results
  • SLA Management removes SLA compliance issues
  • Full Audit trail makes audit worries a thing of the past
  • Upgrade and migration path straight-forward

Increase Revenue

  • Accelerate business processes by reducing latency
  • Superior integration between platforms and business processes
  • Reduce processing window with load balancing and workload parallelism
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