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Guaranteed to Set the Standard

Infinidat’s comprehensive guarantees for the performance, availability, and cyber recoverability of our platforms set the standard for enterprise storage.

Guaranteed Service-Level Agreements

InfiniSafe Cyber Storage Guarantees

Enhance cyber resilience. Immutable snapshot recoverability is guaranteed. Recover snapshots in under a minute with our InfiniBox platforms and in under 20 minutes with InfiniGuard — guaranteed.

100% Availability Guarantee

Enjoy zero downtime. InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA are backed by our long-standing 100% availability guarantee — a promise that goes beyond the typical “9’s” of the storage industry.

Performance Guarantee

Experience faster application workloads. We work with you to guarantee InfiniBox performance, simplifying management of your SLAs — our primary storage platforms deliver the best performance* in the industry.

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Learn how you can experience faster application workloads, zero downtime, and greater cyber resilience with Infinidat.